About SeamlessIT

At SeamlessIT we pride ourselves in making sure that you can go about your day-to-day business without any interruptions or costly downtime due to technical issues. Downtime doesn't just cost you money and productivity, it also costs us, since it means emergency service calls. We don't get paid for this additional work as it is part of the service contract, so it's in our best interest to make sure that everything runs smoothly all the time. That's why regular maintenance and scheduled visits are so important.

Just look at what our customers have to say about our level of service in our Testimonials page.

Contact Information

Feel free to call at 1-519-497-7404 to schedule an appointment for a needs assessment, get onsite or helpdesk support or just to get more information about the services we provide.

Alternatively, you can email with any questions.
contact email

Frank Bonet is the President and primary solutions provider for SeamlessIT. He graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science in 1996. Frank also has a college Diploma in Network Administration, and has several I.T. certifications, including: CCNA,MCP,N+,A+,CNA,CUSA.