At SeamlessIT we don’t we don’t pigeon hole ourselves to one solution. There are many different ways of accomplishing the same goal and some will be a good fit for your organization, others will not. Why try to force one kind of solution simply because that’s where we make the most profit?

We are a service provider first and foremost and not a hardware reseller. We listen and suggest the best solutions for you.

We stay up to date on products and services. Educating our clients is important and below are some products which we have had very good results with in the past, and which are industry leaders in their areas.


This is essentially software that is installed on a standalone box (server if you will) and provides all sorts of security for your network. It acts as a physical firewall, spam filter, network virus scanner, web content control (helps you identify who in your network is accessing what sites and control that access), Intrusion detection, Identity Theft prevention, spyware blocker, protocol control, remote administration, network monitoring etc…

You can watch a video about this product here:

Cisco Routers and Switches:

Why do we recommend Cisco network appliances? Simple, they’re the industry standard, the best, most secure and stable.

Other Products:

TrendMicro: Trend Micro’s Client Server Security for SMB ( ). Has some very nice features including web interface and monitoring of definitions for all clients.


This solution takes screenshots at regular intervals of the computers in your network. It’s a great way of keeping tabs on the productivity of your employees. Making sure that company resources are being used in appropriate ways.

Check back here often for more featured products.

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